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*Free* Happy Veterans Day Images, Pictures 2017

Happy Veterans Day Images, Pictures 2017: Veterans Day 2017 celebrated on 11 Nov on Friday. It is celebrated mostly by US citizens in the memory of their soldiers. Veterans day Thank You pictures are a way to show the love towards them. Some people love to share this images on Facebook and Whatsapp with their Friends. We are proving these pics with quotes on it for free.

On this auspicious occasion, we are providing you the best Veterans day 2017 collection of Happy Veterans Day 2017 Images, Happy Veterans Day Wishes, Veterans Day SMS, Veterans Day 2017 Quotes.  I also wish you all a very happy Veterans Day 2017.

Not many of us are aware of this that Veterans Day is celebrated on 11th November every year. The celebration of this day started on the first anniversary of the end of World War I and was named “Armistice Day” in the year 1919. This day was celebrated at a very small scale initially till 1926 when Congress passed a resolution for annual observance. Though it was declared a national holiday from the year 1938. 

As many people get confused between Veterans Day and Memorial Day, so to make it clear Memorial Day is celebrated on fourth Monday in May which is celebrated in the honor of American service members those sacrificed their life during or due to injuries they go during war, whereas Veterans Day is celebrated to honour and thank all the American Veterans, no matter living or dead. But especially as thanks giving the event to the living veterans who were there to protect their country during war or peacetime.

Happy Veterans Day Images:

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veterans day Free Images Thank You For Serving eCard

veterans day Free Thank You For Serving eCard

Veterans Day Images Facebook



Veterans Day Pics


  • The name “Armistice Day” was officially changed by Eisenhower, the President to “Veterans Day” In 1954.
  • Veterans Day’s celebration was shifted to the fourth Monday in October due to the Unifrom Holidays Bill that was passed by Congress In 1968, that was brought to effect in the year 1971, but as the date November 11 have a significant historical importance, President Ford returned Its celebration on 11th November again in 1975.
  • This day is remembered differently in different countries. Canada and Australia honour Veterans anywhere near or on 11th November. This day is named Remembrance Day in Canada and Remembrance Sunday in Britain. Commonwealth countries people usually give a tribute by 2 minutes of silence at 11a.m., 11th November.



Veterans Day Thank you Images Free

Veterans Day Images 2017


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Veterans Day Thank You Clipart


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Veterans Day Thank You Poster



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Veterans Day Pictures

thank you veterans day pictures

thank you veterans day pictures

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Those brave countrymen and women serving U.S. by keeping their lives on stake for protection of the country can be of any age group, area, communities, etc. they can be parents, children or grandparents. Can be a friend or a coworker. They are a huge and much important part of the communities. Veteran population of United States at present are:

  • Above 65yrs of age – 9.2 million veterans.
  • Under 35yrs of age – 1.9 million veterans.
  • Women – 1.8 million veterans.
  • Vietnam War era(1964-1975) – 7.8 million veterans(33% of living veterans)
  • Gulf War( Aug 2,1990-present) – 5.2 million veterans.
  • World War II era(1941-1945) – 2.6 million.
  • Korean War era(1950-1953) – 2.8 million.
  • Peacetime – 6 million veterans.
  • Compensation given because of disabilities during service(2008) – 2.9 million veterans.
  • The states which have more than 1 million veterans in their living population are 5 in numbers. They are: California have 2.1 million veterans, Florida have 1.7 million veterans, Texas have 1.7 million veterans, New York have 1 million veterans and Pennsylvania have 1 million veterans.
  • The number of hospitals has risen from 54 hospitals in 1930 to 171 medical centers, near about 350 outpatient & outreach clinics; 35 live-in care facilities; 126 nursing home care units for injured or disabled vets.

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